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Plant hire equipment
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Take on construction endeavours in Guildford with an array of plant hire choices available from Hire Depot. Choose from a variety of specialised solutions for large or small projects, including sturdy excavators, landscaping equipment, and precision tools. With our adaptable equipment, you can improve your construction experience.

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We provide a range of sturdy machines that offer unparalleled strength and efficiency, making them essential for any construction project.

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Use the dumpers from Hire Depot for managing cleaning. These devices are perfect for general site cleanup, resulting in a construction site that is safe and well-organised.


Our rollers are perfect for compacting materials during your construction projects to keep everything smooth and stable.

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Our equipment redefine efficiency in your projects by precisely lifting and arranging materials such as plants, compost, and bricks.

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With a selection of attachments, the equipment you have can do tasks more accurately and efficiently, such as grading with a rake attachment or sawing through tough materials.

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Take a look at real success stories of customers who have relied on Hire Depot for their plant hire needs. Verified testimonies demonstrate how our dependable equipment and effective services have grown to be indispensable to our Guildford clients.

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plant hire
in Guildford

Guildford, rich in history and architectural diversity, has a dependable company for all of its equipment needs with Hire Depot’s first-class plant hire services. Our extensive fleet, featuring excavators, dumpers, and more, has contributed to Guildford’s urban and suburban development over the past 25 years. From the historic Guildford Castle to the University of Surrey, Hire Depot provides tailored solutions across this historic town. With a focus on reliability, competitive rates, and a streamlined hire process, we stand as Guildford’s choice for efficient and high-quality plant hire.

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With a broad range of machinery, fair rates, and a responsive team, we guarantee a smooth experience with our plant hire services. Put your trust in our experts to assist you with all of your project’s equipment requirements.


We have a full product range

Our wide range of options guarantees that you’ll have the right tools for the job, no matter the size or scope of your job.


We are responsive

Our prompt responses and straightforward communication ensure that you get everything you need when you need it.


We hold extensive knowledge

Make well-informed decisions with our experienced staff to guarantee you have the tools and know-how needed for a project’s successful completion.


We provide products at competitive rates

You can obtain top-notch equipment with our affordable plant hire, guaranteeing quality and affordability in every project.

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