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Plant hire equipment
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Our extensive range of equipment, from excavators to gardening tools, caters to all construction and landscaping needs. Whether you’re a homeowner or a major construction company, find tailored solutions for every project.

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From precision digging to heavy lifting, our versatile excavators ensure optimal performance for varied construction tasks.

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Essential in construction and landscaping, these machines help transport materials and remove debris, speeding up progress and keeping your site organised.

Plant and machinery hire Chertsey


From subbase to asphalt layers, these machines ensure reliable compaction, creating durable and smooth construction surfaces.

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Our machines lift and place tools, materials, and pallets effortlessly, ensuring precision and efficiency even when working at height.

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Explore advanced capabilities, from efficient tree clearing with our tree shear attachments to seamless concrete mixing and pouring with our concrete mixer attachments.

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Our clients share their triumphs, highlighting the impact of Hire Depot’s reliable machinery and customer-centric services on their construction endeavours.

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plant hire
in Chertsey

Discover seamless plant hire solutions in Chertsey with Hire Depot. From Chertsey Meads to Ruxbury Road, we have been the top choice for construction and landscaping projects in this attractive Surrey community. Our extensive range of mechanical and non-mechanical plant is available at competitive rates to ensure you get everything you need for your project. Depending on availability, we can even provide next-day delivery to get you the equipment you need as quickly as possible.

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Unleash the full potential of your construction projects. With prompt responses to next-day availability, our plant hire services redefine efficiency and reliability. Choose our team to elevate your construction projects and benefit from our excellent range of machinery.


We have a full product range

Our extensive range spans both mechanical and non-mechanical equipment, ensuring a comprehensive solution for your every need.


We are responsive

Our rapid response and transparent timelines ensure your construction endeavours proceed smoothly and efficiently.


We hold extensive knowledge

We have developed our expertise over the last twenty-five years to deliver you personalised solutions backed by industry knowledge.


We provide products at competitive rates

Our competitive rates redefine cost-effectiveness, offering you the best equipment for your construction projects without exceeding your budget.

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